Indian River sets Nutter’s Crossing course record

Indian River reclaimed its conference-championship swagger by setting a course record in a 155-176 win over Delmar at Nutter’s Crossing in Salisbury, Md., on April 11. Usually, they’d play Delmar at the Shawnee Country Club — where just the day before they handed Milford a 37-stroke 168-205 beating and posted their fourth-best round of the year — but that simply wasn’t the case this time.

Despite shooting their best score of the year, Indian River Head Coach Neal Beahan mentioned that his players hadn’t played at Nutter’s Crossing before, which is what made it so special.

“Playing a new course forced our guys to focus more,” Beahan said. “When you don’t know where the course goes it makes you play and manage the course better. We had to earn each hole.”

In fact, Indian River had four golfers score in the high 30s instead of only one or two so far this season. First-year player Dan Elliot scored a team-low 38 and “best round of season,” according to Beahan, while Matt Binstead, Richard Webster and Justin Albright shot 39 for the course.

Elliot and Robbie Webster both contributed in Indian River’s win over Milford’s back-nine holes, which only senior Justin Albright had experienced.

“It’s simply a matter of focus,” Beahan continued.

Beahan noted that his team lost the match against Caesar Rodney because they rushed themselves on routine holes.

“We were pretty even on the hard holes (No. 7, No. 8 and No. 9),” Beahan said. “We made our mistakes on the easier holes. I’d like them to use the 4-iron and take a longer swing from the outside instead of using of trying to bomb it with the driver.”

Indian River lost its match against Caesar Rodney, 164-170, but Beahan isn’t worried about the loss because his players are starting to hit low numbers consistently.

“It wasn’t that we didn’t play well,” Beahan said. “They just dropped great numbers on us. They shot 10 strokes better than any match all year.”

Beahan’s “Rock of Gilbralter,” Binstead, shot a team-low 40, and Billy Powell followed up with a 41 against Caesar Rodney.

Four times, Indian River scored 170 strokes or higher and they won twice, but the team has dropped its totals over the past three matches.

The Indians averaged 170 strokes in their first five games (4-1) and since then have dropped it to 166 with great days at Milford and Delmar.

Indian River heads into the Easter holiday with a 6-2 overall record and a week off before they head up to play Dover at Maple Dale on April 25. Albright, Binstead and Richard Webster played Maple Dale’s entire course in the state tournament last season.