Schmidt joins Millville's Halpern team of optometrists

Anyone in the Millville area who needs some options for help with eye problems is in luck. There is a new optometrist at Halpern Eye Associates on Atlantic Avenue in Millville.

After graduating from the Southern School for Optometry in Memphis, Tenn., about nine months ago, Adam Schmidt held one of his two externships at Halpern’s Dover office, before company officials hired him full-time after graduation.

Schmidt will work in the Millville office three days a week, working another two days each week at the company’s Milford office.

“They offered me a job,” Schmidt said, “And I liked the deal.” According to a Halpern Eye Associates release, Schmidt will perform comprehensive examinations, fit contact lenses, co-manage patients after eye operations, and evaluate patients for glaucoma and diabetes at both Halpern offices. Schmidt said he took an interest in optometry at a young age, traveling with his mother to eye doctor’s appointments.

“My mom always had eye problems, growing up,” Schmidt said. “I watched that. I wanted to fix Mom’s eyes.”

Knowing he was interested in a field in optometry, the 2000 University of Delaware graduate studied biology at Delaware, a common major for pre-med students, Schmidt said.

Schmidt then traveled south to study for his medical degree at Southern School in Memphis, where he graduated in 2005. After graduation, he received an externship at the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, Texas.

After leaving the station, he received his start at Halpern’s Dover office through his friend from the University of Delaware — Ryan Halpern, partner Joel Halpern’s son, Schmidt said. And Halpern officials hired Schmidt after he finished his externship.

After a six-month training period, in which the new doctor shadowed a company optometrist, he is now practicing medicine in a town Schmidt said he is confident he will enjoy.

“I love the clientele here,” Schmidt said. “People here are laid-back and you can talk to them.”

Schmidt said that while it is hard to get to know patients in the faster-paced Dover area where he performed the externship, business should be different in the small coastal town.

“You get that Southern, beach, easy-going patient. I love it.”