Tiffany pleased with tennis team

Of all of Indian River’s tennis teams, only the freshman second-doubles team of Taylor Rosenblit and Julia Jaquette advanced to the second round of the conference tournament at Sea Colony on May 12. But the team saw so much competition in singles matches and, having to go without Kara Roach of the first-doubles team due to business conference, head coach Elizabeth Tiffany ruled it a success.

Rosenblit and Jaquette flowed and ebbed like the tide on the court and were able to beat Smyrna’s No. 2 for their first conference tournament win.

“They were in the zone and really played well, which is nice because they’re only ninth-graders,” Tiffany said.

The trip perhaps wasn’t a plus for the tennis team, but the Indians did come home covered in glory. Roach attended the National Business Professional of American conference in Orlando, Fla., where she placed ninth in the nation in payroll accounting. Two Delaware teams represented their respective schools, but it was Indian River’s team that earned top-dog honors at the conference, placing first in the nation in small business management.

“Word’s can’t describe how proud I am of their accomplishments,” said teacher Bennett Murray.

Exhibition player Heather Whippie replaced Roach in first doubles and though they lost, she won the “unsung hero” award for her efforts.

“It was really hard for her playing first doubles coming from the exhibition team,” Tiffany explained.

The Lady Indians won’t participate in the state tournament this year due to conflicts of schedule but their season has to be deemed a success. They improved their win total from one to three and following the tournament the conference coaches recognized Tiffany’s efforts and named her Coach of the Year.

Tiffany was “blown away” by the nomination and but noted it was a nice sendoff since she is retiring this spring. Assistant coach Karen Oliphant will replace Tiffany next year.