Volleyballers go 2-1 on week

With wins over Red Lion Christian Academy and St. Thomas More, Indian River volleyball moved up to 6-2. Hard-hitting kills from Renee Davidson and Haley Brennan and strong defensive blocks from Nyssa Altman, Hilary Hawkins, Davidson and Brennan proved to be the right antidote to move the girls ahead.
Coastal Point • Ruslana Lambert: Renee Davidson gets set to spike the ball.Coastal Point • Ruslana Lambert:
Renee Davidson gets set to spike the ball.

Last Thursday’s match was a demanding one against the Red Lion rivals, and Saturday marked Indian River’s first victory over St. Thomas More since high school volleyball went to rally scoring.

Tuesday’s match against Lake Forest, however, proved too exhausting for the Indians.

“We played tentative,” said Indian River Coach Jess Dodd. “There was a lack of confidence and we basically beat ourselves.”

The teams swapped games, with Lake Forest capitalizing on the first and third, winning the games with 8- and 9-point margins. Indian River was unable to answer back in the fifth game, bringing their record to 6-3.

“Lake Forest controlled the ball all game,” said Dodd. “We didn’t convert. We had plenty of chances to. We were just afraid.”

Brennan, Davidson and Altman combined for 33 kills. Hawkins alone contributed 32 assists. Yet the team could not keep up with Lake Forest’s consistency. “They controlled [the game] the whole time,” said Dodd.

With the first half of the season rounding out, Dodd said that the team’s confidence needs improvement.

“I want the girls to want it more. It’s tough to put a game like this behind us,” he said.

Dodd hasn’t lost hope by any means, though. Looking forward to Thursday’s game against Cape Henlopen, he remained confident. “We can do it, we just have to come ready.”