Frankford citizens take aim at drug problem

Frankford citizens gathered at the Frankford Volunteer Fire Center on Thursday night, Oct. 12, to discuss what can be done to stamp out the drug problem in the town.

“Drugs have been a continuous problem and issue in this community,” said Delaware State Police Capt. Charles Simpson.

Simpson and Officer Ed Justiniano from Troop 4 of the Delaware State Police held the meeting, along with Neighborhood Watch facilitator Marla Daisy. The officers said they are trying to build a better partnership with the community, who are the “eyes and ears” of what is going on around them.

Undercover officers are attempting to break into the drug scene in the community, the officers said. And they are looking to not only make arrests but to get rid of the problem completely. But the drug problem they are dealing with, Simpson said, is more than likely with crack cocaine.

“It’s a shame, a little town like this — it’s a shame. You can’t even order a pizza and have someone come down there to deliver it,” stated one resident in reference to his own street.

There were 10 citizens who turned out for the meeting last Thursday, and the officers encouraged them to inspire 10 more to come next month.

“Some of you have lived here your whole lives,” said Justiniano. “If you give up, you’re giving up what you’ve got. You live here — take responsibility.”

Another resident present said the meeting gave him good information. He said he would now be on the watch for strange cars, looking for tags and trying to take photos with his camera phone when possible. He said he was also going to pass on the information he received to authorities. “I’m looking to clear up the drug problem here (in-town) and on Honolulu Street,” he said.

The officers assured the town they were there for support. Any information that would assist in their efforts is encouraged. They say they are looking for names, car types, tag numbers, time of day — whatever someone notices that is suspicious. “There is no information that is too trivial,” said Simpson.

The officers can be reached by calling the Troop 4 Sussex Drug Unit at: (302) 856-5850, ext.217, ext. 250, ext. 226 or ext. 245.

The next Neighborhood Watch meeting will be held Wednesday, Nov. 8, at 7 p.m. in the Frankford Volunteer Fire Center.