Frankford sex offender arrested by state police

Delaware State Police arrested a 43-year-old Frankford woman last week as a part of an operation to find 14 sex offenders statewide who failed to verify their addresses for a state audit.

Cheryl Jarmon, a Tier II (moderate risk) sex offender, was arrested last week following an anonymous tip and charged with a felony for failing to re-register after changing addresses, according to police. She is being held awaiting a hearing in Superior Court, police said.

Jarmon, also known as Cheryl Taylor, was convicted in 1999 of unlawful sexual conduct in the second degree, according to state police spokesman Cpl. Jeff Oldham. Oldham said the victim was a 12-to15-year-old but did not know the victim’s sex and could not confirm how much, if any, time Jarmon spent incarcerated.

The State Bureau of Identification performed an audit recently which confirmed that the 14 sex offenders were no longer living at the addresses where they registered, Oldham said. State officials sent out verification notifications, giving the sex offenders seven days to respond before issuing a warrant for their arrests. Sex offenders also have seven days to re-register after a change of address.

State police issued a warrant for Jarmon and the 13 other Tier II and Tier III (high risk) sex offenders on Nov. 4. Oldham said Monday that State police and other officials continually track the whereabouts of sex offenders and this most recent operation was not spurred by any outside sources.

According to the state police release sent on Nov. 4 — the day state police officials issued the warrants — state officials arrested 34 registered sex offenders in September for an operation titled MPACT II (Marshals and Police Arresting Criminals Together) for failing to verify their addresses. Efforts are ongoing to update information that would help locate sex offenders out of state, according to that release.

Additional information regarding the remaining wanted sex offenders is available at Call 911 or Troop 4 at 856-5851 to deliver an anonymous tip if you have any information regarding the whereabouts of any of the wanted individuals.