Lady Indians positive about season

After suffering through a dismal 1-20 season, things are finally looking up for the Lady Indians varsity basketball program.

They still don’t have a junior varsity program, but the Lady Indians do head into the 2006/2007 season with improved players and additional depth — something that bodes well for a better season.

“This year we’ll be a lot more competitive, especially in the South (Henlopen Conference),” head coach Summer Chorman said. “We’ll definitely improve on last year’s record.”

“We have good scorers and have players that are willing to shoot the ball.”

Overall, the Lady Indians will be a pretty balanced team: they have numbers (15 players). height inside and ball-handlers who can penetrate for the dish-off or can shoot.

Forwards Michelle Givans and Jasmin Holden will return back to the blocks to give the Lady Indians height on the interior.

Chorman indicated that Holden has carried over her strong finish last season into this season, and she expects big things.

“She’s improved a lot from last year and continued that through to this year,” she said.

In addition, Chorman stated that freshman Brandy Buchanan and Lizzy Handy are interchangeable at both forward and guard, and have “showed a lot of potential” thus far.

Charne Rayne and Marnisha Mitchell are set to return as the Indians’ starting backcourt, which will be without last year’s leading scorer, Kiarra Graves.

Rayne noted that, without Graves, she’d most likely run the Lady Indians’ offense, so her game will have to change.

“Now it’s all on me,” Rayne said. “I used to play the two or three (guard positions) but now it’s my responsibility to make sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be.”

Both Rayne and Mitchell are active defensively, and have the skill and ability to go to the hoop when given the opportunity.

The Lady Indians also weakened Southern Conference contender Seaford when Adelia Parker decided to transfer.

The Lady Indians will start their regular season on the road versus the Smyrna Lady Eagles on Dec. 5.