New council brings optimism to Frankford

Two new members of Frankford’s Town Council were sworn in at their regular monthly meeting on Monday, Feb. 5. Cheryl Workman and Vincent Leon-Check filed uncontested for the council positions previously held by Town Council President Robert Daisey and councilwoman Crystal Holland.

After swearing in the new members, the council was appointed to new positions. Council votes secured Greg Johnson as council president, Jesse Truitt as vice president and Pamela Davis as secretary/treasurer. Workman and Leon-Check will share responsibilities of Parks and Grants.

Workman, who moved up to the council position from Frankford’s Board of Adjustments, said she is looking forward to the new role.

“It’s going to be a lot of work,” she said, “but I’ll be learning a lot.” One task she wants to take on is getting the town’s “community day” back into effect. Workman, who moved back to Frankford in 2000, has been a resident for 20 years combined.

The newly appointed Leon-Check said he has hopes of integrating and bringing culture to the community.

“I’ve been to some of the meetings before,” he said, “and I’ve found that some Latinos do not participate as much. I want to get them more involved and bring some of the culture to the town. They choose to live in this town, they have some obligations. People should be more active in the community.”

The new council displays one of the most diverse in the area, in both age and ethnicity. “The council has really become a fair representation for everyone in Frankford,” said Town Clerk Terry Truitt. “It’s great to see so much involvement. This is what will be best for the town in years to come.”

The condition of the town’s water plant project was among other business discussed at the Monday-evening meeting. Although the plant is nearing completion, the town could see another month go by before it’s up and running.

“We need an electrician to get in there,” said Jesse Truitt, the council’s liaison for the project. “It might take three weeks, but I don’t know if they’ll get it.”

Little could be said for the town’s ongoing comprehensive development plan, as well. According to Terry Truitt, validity issues still remain concerning plotted lots and zoned districts. Maps of the town will need to be analyzed to assure that Frankford’s layout coincides with the county’s records before the comprehensive development plan can get under way.