Conaway presents residential, commercial plans to Selbyville

Development plans presented to Selbyville Town Council on Monday sparked a discussion regarding the necessity of facilitating commercial growth. Don Conaway, a Realtor with Seashore Realty in Fenwick Island, presented conceptual plans Monday to build a mixed-used commercial and residential development at the corner of Hudson Road and Route 54 on the east side of the town.

The plan, preliminarily dubbed Selbyville Towne Center, consists of 134 single-family lots on roughly 60 acres and commercial properties on the remaining 30 acres.

Conaway argued, against little opposition, that the town should plan for commercial growth to support booming residential growth on the east side of the town.

“Sooner or later,” Conaway said, “you’ve got to have commercial growth out there. Sooner or later — we might not be around — but it will all be developed out there.”

Council decided to table a hearing on the plans until after a state Preliminary Land Use Service review. State officials are expected to review the plans and make comments later this month, Conaway said Monday.

Selbyville’s councilmen unanimously agreed to follow the state’s lead on the project, a decision that drew no opposition from Conaway.

“I don’t think anybody has heartburn with the (plans),” said Councilman Jay Murray, adding that the plans are not in competition with other commercial development plans — some already approved — on the western side of town. Conaway agreed, saying the commercial development proposed would be built specifically to serve residents on the eastern side of Selbyville. Conaway did not have details on potential, future commercial occupants of the proposed development.

“I don’t think there’s any question there’s going to be commercial out there,” Selbyville Mayor Clifton C. Murray said. “We need it, (and the plan’s proposed area) is certainly a logical place for it. It’s worth considering,” the mayor added. “That’s for sure.”