Connor’s Package Store shrinks, makes way for new businesses

The Bethany Beach Commercial Design Review Committee met Friday to square away some minor adjustments to renovation construction along the 700 block of Route 26. Connor’s Package Store, which stands between Bethany Beach Video and Bethany Beach Laundry and Dry Cleaners, is currently being divided into three smaller stores.
Coastal Point • RUSLANA LAMBERT: Connor’s Package Store will make way for two other businesses.Coastal Point • RUSLANA LAMBERT:
Connor’s Package Store will make way for two other businesses.

Connor’s Package Store will consolidate into one of the spaces and “Anything Goes,” a high-end women’s clothing store, will be expanding into another. The third store will be rented out, but no businesses are definite yet.

A CEO for “Anything Goes” was hired earlier this week and the new tenants were scheduled to begin their move on Wednesday, March 14, said Miken Builders Project Manager Craig Littleton.

“Anything Goes” owner Joan Thompson said she is eager to expand her business from her current Rehoboth location. “We’re entering our 19th summer,” she said, “and we’ve wanted to open for some time in Bethany.”

Thompson added that many of her customers come from the Bethany area and she hopes the new store will help reach more clients. Thompson’s husband had recently sold his business and is helping her with the expansion. Thompson said she plans to keep the Rehoboth store open, due to their great success in the business.

Littleton said he plans to have Connor’s Package Store and the vacant store up and running by April 1. Thompson hopes to be ready to open a little earlier.

Brad Connor, owner of Connor’s Package Store, said the renovation is a good move for his business.

“We didn’t need the huge space for the liquor store,” he said. “We could afford to cut it up and still keep the same business.” As for the vacant store, Connor said he is confident about finding tenants. “It will rent,” he said. “It always does. We’ve had a few inquires, and we just want to get the right one who fits into what we’re doing out there.”