Carson joins Fenwick as Town Manager

After months of planning, interviewing and set of lifestyle changes for at least one person, new Fenwick Island Town Manager Anthony Carson started work this week.

The town’s first town manager, a former Ohio resident with 11 years of experience at the city and county levels, has assumed the lead administrative position at a crossroads in the town’s history. The town is currently putting together its first, and state-mandated, growth plan. Carson had no formal comment on that process early this week, though, opting to say that he was just settling in, trying to find a place to live.

“In meeting with (the town council) through the interview process, I was very impressed,” Carson said Monday. “They showed a genuine interest for their town. We went through a long process and I’m happy to be here.”

“I was pleasantly surprised,” Fenwick Island Mayor Audrey Serio said of Carson’s experience level, adding that, “The candidates that the council interviewed were certainly all well-qualified.”

Carson, who left his wife and two children behind in Ohio while he searches for a home in this area, left a job as the county administrator for Ohio’s Trumbull County, which boasts a population of 225,000.

He has a master’s degree in public administration with experience compiling budgets — Trumbull County’s reached $40 million — and with land-use decisions. Before assuming the head administrative position with the Ohio county, Carson worked as for the county’s auditor’s office and as a business manager for a correctional facility, and served as a city councilman in a city of 50,000 for two years.

“You’re doing the same job in a smaller community as you do in a larger community,” Carson said. “(But) it’s a lot harder to get things accomplished on that level. I’m real excited about being here in Fenwick Island and bringing some of my ideas.”

As for why Fenwick Island was an attractive place to relocate, Carson said, “You don’t have many oceans in Ohio. (My family) is looking forward to coming to the ocean. This was one of the better places I looked at relocating to.”