Nippes could be town's olive branch

Simply judging from the letters that have run in this paper over the past year or so, one could easily determine that there are some officials in Ocean View who do not get along. Read some of the coverage on various town council meetings and it’s an easier determination. Hear some of the things that we decide not to publish, and you know at least one fact — some members of the council just do not hang out socially.

Now, that’s not always a bad thing.

It’s ideal in a democracy to have parties that don’t agree — in fact, it’s the very basis of our way of life to have decision makers argue different views and come up with a conclusion that is either a compromise or the concensus of the majority. It’s how different sides get their voices heard, and sometimes those new ideas or approaches get approved just because someone was there to present them in the first place.

However, sometimes disagreeing parties are so far apart philosophically or personally that the health of an entire town, county, state or nation can be sacrificed due to personalities.

Though it’s not there yet, the potential for a stalemate-form of derision is very much alive in Ocean View.

Enter Richard Nippes.

The newly-elected councilman has come into his position calling for unification in the town — not only amongst council members, but also between the various housing developments in the town. Nippes believes that the communities in Ocean View all need to come together to work for a stronger town, and there’s something to be said for that.

We all have seen people come on to various councils — or even jobs, for that matter — with an air of enthusiasm and an idealistic approach to government. And we’re sure Nippes has a little bit of that zealousness, as well.

But we simply love the items he has pointed out as important. Ocean View has a collection of brilliant minds and nose-to-the-grindstone-type characters who each bring a wealth of knowledge and effort to their positions — probably as much as any town or county board we have. But the personality clashes are starting to add up to the point where it could eventually affect the way town business is conducted, and Nippes seems intent on being the one who brings residents and officials back together.

We wish him nothing but the best in his efforts, and truly hope that this talented cast of town officials can stay above the fray and concentrate only on improving the lives of all Ocean View residents.

The people are in place, and have been for several years. Let’s maximize their outstanding talents and reap the fruits of their labors.