South Bethany gear updated, on sale

South Bethany property owners who attend the town’s property owners’ association meeting this Saturday at 10 a.m. will also be offered an opportunity to pick up a new South Bethany T-shirt, polo shirt, sweatshirt, hat, tote or other paraphernalia.

SBPOA member Sandy Roberts showed off the new togs at an April 13 council meeting, describing a range of clothing for adults and children, as well as bags, beach towels and hats — all inscribed with a new South Bethany logo and available in a variety of colors.

Roberts said the new logo was intended to closely mirror the design of the town signs on Route 1, and profits from sales of the items will go to the SBPOA.

“If you buy them, it will help the property owners’ association. But, more importantly, it will show our pride in the town,” Roberts said.

After the April 21 SBPOA meeting at town hall, the items will be available at McCabe’s gourmet shop, on Route 1 in the York Beach Mall, Roberts noted. There is no additional mark-up on the cost when buying them at McCabes, she pointed out, praising the shop for accommodating the SBPOA with the space.