Too late this time ... not the next time

Although it might seem a little insignificant to some, the events that led to the death of a great blue heron earlier this week were profound.

The bird, entangled in some landscape netting in Millville, had suffered for several days, and was never rescued after several calls were made to state and non-profit agencies. The problem, it seems, is that there simply aren’t enough local volunteers trained in rescuing birds to always come through when needed. It’s not that it’s any individual’s fault, it’s simply that there aren’t enough qualified individuals.

The death of this bird is a sad one. Several staffers at the Point had gone to see the bird when word came through that a rescue was imminent, and many members of the community also took a personal interest in the heron.

Ospreys and herons are just about unofficial mascots to the area. Unlike the seagulls, people genuinely like these huge birds, and we all find ourselves just staring as one of these birds spreads his or her wings and takes off in graceful flight.

But we’ve recently learned that there is very little that can be done when one needs our help. So, what’s the remedy?

Well, more volunteers could help. Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research, a non-profit regional facility based in Newark, Del., specializes in just this very thing — and they are practically begging for qualified volunteers to help them out throughout the region.

If you’re interested in receiving Tri-State’s bird rescue training and volunteering to help, call Volunteer Manager Julie Bartley at (302) 737-9543, ext. 102, send her an e-mail at or visit the group’s Web site at

---Well, a new summer season begins with this weekend, and many of us are excited for everything it brings, excluding the extra traffic on the roads.

And while we’re hoping everyone has an amazingly fun Memorial Day weekend, we ask that everybody takes a moment to honor those who have fallen in defense of this nation over the years. This is a time to reflect. A time to pay homage. A time to be grateful for the ultimate sacrifice that so many have made — and continue to make at this time.

We have an article in this week’s paper on various Memorial Day celebrations throughout the area, but if you can’t make one, just take a second to remember.