Frankford trash change deemed a success

On May 29, Waste Management collected their cans and made way for Frankford’s new trash service — Moor Disposal.

Moor Disposal began service that morning and did a great job, according to town manager Terry Truitt. They missed only two stops out of 268 homes — which Truitt said were in “odd places.” The lapse was likely because the drivers hadn’t nailed the route down yet, but she said they came back to complete the job in about half the time it took Waste Management.

“I thought they did a commendable job. Only two residents had been omitted, but they were back in two hours to correct it and they did it quicker than Waste Management,” Truitt said. “They started out at six or seven (a.m.) and were done by about 10 (a.m.), whereas Waste Management usually took about half a day.

“Our residents were very happy with Waste Management. They were familiar with their drivers. But honestly I don’t think anybody even noticed that there was a change,” Truitt added.

The Frankford Town Council received four bids on the trash service during their May meeting and decided to go with Moor Disposal. Waste Management’s price increased nearly $1,300, from $2,744 to $3,988, starting on April 1 of this year, and the town had eaten the cost difference for the last two months.

But the increase caused the council to shop for a better deal, which they believe they received. The council wanted a cheap rate but also company that had experience servicing towns.

Moor Disposal’s references included Bayridge Woods in Angola, Plantation East in Lewes and Millsboro’s Bayshore Community, in addition to 4,000 private customers.

And, combined with a cost of service at $14 per resident per month, which was $3 cheaper than Waste Management, the council had no problem pulling the trigger on accepting Moor Disposal’s bid, despite it not being the cheapest.

Harjarco Construction Disposal’s bid was .67 cents cheaper than Moor Disposal, but in the end it wasn’t the right fit for Frankford, council members decided. Harjarco specializes in roll-away Dumpster service, like those seen on construction sites, and not curbside service. They service Gull’s Way Campground and Ocean View Plumbing, but the council felt uneasy about giving Harjarco the nod.

“We just didn’t want to be the first one’s to test them out,” Truitt explained.

Allied Waste’s bid came in at the highest, at $19 per resident.