Fenwick makes the right move

It’s been a widely-held belief that the beaches get a little bigger every year after Labor Day — the theory being that vacationers and summer residents return home, and there is a little more elbow room on the beaches.

This year, that clearly holds true.

A celebration took place last Friday by officials responsible for securing the funds to restore the beaches in South Bethany and Bethany Beach. The general consensus is that the beaches will indeed broaden due to the new sand, and that the new sand will, in fact, be quality. Those are terrific reasons to celebrate.

Perhaps the greatest achievement of all, however, was the way that town, state and federal officials worked together to make this possible. Cooperation between levels of government is often an oxymoron — as each level of leadership sees different issues as holding priority. On this matter, however, all parties seemed to be on the same page, and the funding became available.

When all is said and done, the 2.8 miles of beachfront in Bethany Beach and South Bethany will have about 3.2 million cubic yards of sand dumped on its beaches, with a minimum width of 150 feet. The cost of the project is $19.8 million.

There is no one person to thank or congratulate for this effort. It is a collaboration of efforts by many — and that makes it an accomplishment in which we can all take pride.

---The Bethany Beach Town Council election is set for Saturday and, if last election is any indication, every vote counts. The difference between someone sitting on council and not making it was a single vote last time, and every indication is that this one will be tight as well.

Per our usual standards, we are not running any letters supporting candidates in this week’s Point, but we are publishing our question-and-answer sessions with each candidate. Please read their responses and make an informed decision at the booth.