Town in good shape with chief

For years, William Dudley’s name was synonymous with law enforcement in Dagsboro. When Dudley announced his resignation as chief of the town’s police department, there was a valid reason to be concerned regarding the direction of the department for the future.

Well, it would seem there’s no real cause for concern.

Floyd Toomey, a sergeant in the department, is serving as acting police chief for the town, and Toomey sounds as if he would like to make it a permanent position. He certainly has the experience, and love for Dagsboro, that one would want in a police chief.

Toomey served as police chief in Ellendale for 11 years before coming to Dagsboro’s department, and he grew up in Georgetown — often visiting his grandparents just outside Dagsboro as a youth. Following a stint in the armed forces, Toomey went straight into police work. He’s now serving a role that he seems perfectly suited to fill.

“Our town is looking to expand tremendously in the future,” said Toomey. “We’re on the cusp of exploding, and it’s important that the police department is able to provide safety and comfort to the citizens of Delaware.”

That’s exactly the kind of enthusiasm you’d like to hear if you’re in Dagsboro.

Toomey has discussed implementing some new policies and procedures, as well as updating a few of the department’s vehicles. He also brought a known ally into the fold when he appointed Lt. Harry Litten to the department, a man who Toomey served with in Ellendale.

Think town officials aren’t already impressed?

“He is a great individual,” said Mayor Gary Baker, on Toomey. “He’s credible and has plenty of experience. I believe he’ll be very beneficial to the area.”

Sounds like they intend to keep him around for quite a while — an idea that appeals to Toomey.

“[Dudley] was basically like a dynasty in Dagsboro,” said Toomey. “I want to start my own here.”