Medical help is on the way

For all the talk about over-development and inadequate roads for the area’s population, this community has very few problems that actually impact the quality of life. Sure, housing is expensive here and salaries are low, but those are problems that happen in numerous communities around the nation.

The real problem over recent years has been the lack of quality healthcare in the area.

Hospitals are a healthy drive away, the emergency clinic in Millville only operates during the busy season, and there just weren’t many doctors in the immediate area — especially when discussing specialists. Inconvenience? Certainly. But it has also been a problem, considering our demographic is comprised of a significant senior population, as well as many active individuals who oftentimes require sports medicine.

Well, it would seem the times are changing — for the positive. We’ve all heard about the facility Beebe is building in Clarksville, and the signs advertising doctors offices have increased all up and down Route 26, specifically.

Now it would seem another medical facility could soon be making its way to our community.

Two Wilmington dentists and their oral surgeon partner are planning a medical facility on 33 acres of undeveloped land off Route 20 — near the Bayside community. Not only does this proposal help meet the needs of the current population, but it also shows foresight as to the growth expected along Routes 54 and 20 as building comes back strong and Bayside fills its parcels.

Yes, we’re still probably in need of a hospital, but at least progress is happening. Besides, as the medical profession continues to build a strong base in the area, there will be more doctors, nurses and technicians in the community to one day staff that full-time hospital.

That is advancement for all of us, and it comes in the way of needed medical support.