Botchie named town manager in Millville

Remove that interim tag, please.
Debbie Botchie, serving the role of town manager in Millville for several months, accepted a full-time role in that position on Tuesday, firmly placing her in charge of town business, at a time of unprecedented growth in Millville.

Debbie Botchie: Debbie Botchie.Debbie Botchie.

“I’m very excited about the direction the town is heading,” said Botchie, who will be officially sworn in to her position on Nov. 13. “The staff and the council are very compatible. We really have a good team here.

“Plus, we have a great town here,” she said. “It’s beautiful, it’s a really nice town with great residents and we have some great business owners.”

Botchie previously worked more than 20 years in the banking industry, two years for a builder and seven years for a law office — seemingly giving her the tools required to handle a town’s business. And this town has some business ahead.

The town’s comprehensive use plan is due to the state in August 2008, they’ve recently established the town’s first planning and zoning commissions, as well as its first board of adjustments and the Millville By the Sea project is going to add an influx of new residents to the town. And that’s just for starters.

“I always say that Millville is kind of a baby,” explained Botchie. “As a baby, we have many ordinances to put in place to protect the interests of our residents and businesses. We want people to come to Millville. And we want them to feel safe and comfortable.”

The town will be displaying a natural habitat around the Millville Town Hall soon, and there has been talk of a potential Streetscape project along Route 26. Officials also recently signed a deal with the Delaware State Police that will provide for 16 hours of police coverage a week.

“That’s just the beginning,” advised Botchie. “We hope to really add to the coverage as we continue to grow. But I feel like we’re really going in the right direction with that.”

If coordinating police coverage, new commissions, comprehensive land use plans and managing the needs of a new town hall with an expanded staff aren’t enough for Botchie, there are also ordinances that need to be put in place, a system of fees for people to conduct business in Millville and working with town council members to do research and implement laws.

Sound hectic?

“I have a lot of irons in the fire,” said Botchie. “There’s a lot to do, but it’s all good stuff. We (the council and staff) really want to do what’s best for the people of Millville, and when you keep that in mind all the time, it’s really not that bad.”