Point celebrates a milestone

It’s pretty hard to believe that this is already the 200th issue of the Coastal Point. But, on the other hand, it’s pretty hard to believe it’s only been 200 issues.

Issue #1 was published on Feb. 6, 2004, and consisted of 40 pages put out by six employees. That same week’s issue this year, for instance, was 72 pages put out by 14 employees. This week’s Coastal Point, smack in the off-season, is 84 pages, put out by 14 employees. Forgive us for blowing our own horn, but the growth of the paper has been astounding for only 200 issues.

But it’s not really a case of blowing our own horn. Readers and advertisers have consistently supported the idea of another voice in this community, and your support has enabled us to grow our staff and put out a better and better product as we’ve grown. To say we are grateful for the community’s support would be an understatement. We are forever humbled by your support.

And it’s worked out well for all of us. Because of the community’s support, we’ve been able to invest in growing our staff. As our publisher always says, “People make the paper.”

To that end, we’ve made it a huge priority to hire quality people here, train them to how we like to do things and watch them grow to the levels their talents demand. And their talents have overwhelmed us.

For instance, the little old Coastal Point won more awards from the MDDC (Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia) Press Association than any other weekly in the state last year. One former reporter, Laura Ford, now works for National Geographic, and another, Jonathan Starkey, now works for Newsday in New York.

We’ve been blessed by their talents in the past, and we continue to be blessed in the present with our current staff.

The MDDC Press Association also bestowed a number of awards to our advertising department over the last two years, which speaks volumes for our graphic artists and sales representatives. One of those awards was for Best in Show — given for the top ad design in the entire association, regardless of the paper’s size or frequency. That’s pretty heady stuff.

We’re eternally grateful for the support of our advertisers and readers, the cooperation granted by local, county and state governments, and the effort and performance of our staff.

Now, let’s get even better over the next 200 issues.