Primary carousel comes here

Now this is an idea with vision.

Much of the nation has been engrossed in what has become a fascinating presidential primary season.

As the first states committed their delegates, a few favorites have separated themselves from the pack, and the results of the “Super Tuesday” primaries next week should clear a big part of the dust, and allow us to focus on individuals who have grabbed control of their respective parties.

And Delaware gets to participate on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

Yes, we only have two delegates, and, no, the candidates have not put a lot of work into wooing the voters of this state for that very reason, but we do in fact get a voice. We get the opportunity to get out and vote for the people we believe will best represent the parties in November’s general election.

And that’s nothing to sneeze at.

We’re at an interesting time in this nation’s history. We are still actively involved in war in the Middle East, the domestic economy is in real tough shape and health care prices are driving people out of being able to take care of themselves.

People are worried. People are concerned. People are angry. And it’s shown.

Voter turnout has been fairly high for the first few states to vote, and there’s no reason to believe the turnout on Tuesday won’t be impressive. There seems to be little apathy these days for national politics, and, hopefully, that is reflected by the number of people who take advantage of their opportunity to vote and have their voices heard.

If you are registered with a political party, and you have strong feelings about this election, get out and have your voice heard. Think one vote doesn’t matter? Do you remember the 2000 election?

Writing letters and staging protests are wonderful ways to have your voice heard, but they don’t really get people in and out of office like a good old election. Be heard. Get out and vote.

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