IntraGoal Partners: Building better businesses and individuals

Operating a business can be a difficult and stressful task, between managing employee relationships, balancing time and budgeting finances. But thanks to the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce and four-year business partners Mike Nally and Colby Cox, all of that is about to get a little easier.

Intragoal: Coastal Point • ruslana lambert  Mike Nally has been leading and teaching leadership for nearly 25 years, and brings his experiences to IntraGoal Partners. IntraGoal is a consulting group that focuses on project leadership.Coastal Point • RUSLANA LAMBERT
Mike Nally has been leading and teaching leadership for nearly 25 years, and brings his experiences to IntraGoal Partners. IntraGoal is a consulting group that focuses on project leadership.
Nally and Cox are the founders of IntraGoal Partners, a consulting group that focuses on project leadership. Through workshops for individuals, teams, organizations and major, long-term projects, the partners are helping companies all over the country become the smooth-running success story that they were originally designed to be.

Now, they’ve teamed up with the Chamber to center their focus on business here at the beaches.

“Through IntraGoal,” said Nally, “we look at variables, both individual and atmospheric, that impact people. They are different for each of us, but they’re all there.”

Nally’s and Cox’s complimentary knowledge and experience help bring a keen understanding of where a business should turn their concentration and concerns.

Cox — who has balanced his time between IntraGoal’s office based in Jackson, Wyo., and graduate school in Chicago — is a Division 1 athlete, finished first in his class in real estate finance and became the youngest ever to be accepted in the northwestern executive Mortgage Bankers Association.

Nally is a former U.S. Army Ranger who has won numerous leadership awards in the Army and held the prestigious position of sniper instructor. Since he was 19 years old, Nally has been taking on leadership qualities and responsibilities, following through for nearly 25 years.

“We’ve both experienced a lot,” said Nally, “and we know what it is to be in different situations. We have strong backgrounds and have both been a part of elite teams and instrumental in building them.”

Both have tremendous respect for and a natural curiosity about the elements of quality in sustainable and positive leadership.

“We’re entrepreneurs,” Nally added “We understand how to take nothing and make something from it, and we follow you the whole way. Our motto is ‘Concept to Completion.’”

“IntraGoal is about real project leadership with expectations that people can deliver efficient, profitable business,” said Cox.

Presentations and workshops have proven to benefit not only those in the company, but the instructors themselves.

“We constantly look for positive solutions for ourselves, too,” said Nally. “Half the problems we address are ones that I’ve dealt with, will deal with or am currently dealing within my life. You’re never cured. You’re always open to new possibilities.”

While real estate companies have been one of their primary organizations to work with, Nally stated that the IntraGoal Partners program is very versatile and can accommodate a multitude of businesses.

“Mike has recently ventured out of what IntraGoal had originally set out to do in real estate,” said Cox. “He is helping us take on a global standpoint, and showing that it can work on a high level. We’re trying to put our focus more on the individual.”

Workshops tend to focus on self- and situational awareness, identification of problem cycles and pattern breaking, which reduces the time it takes to find a solution. Their “Leader In You” presentation, which has been implemented at conferences for the military, universities such as DelTech and the University of Delaware, and businesses, is one of their highly rated programs, emphasizing the use of guidance and directional qualities to help formulate a better business and self.

“Our workshops are geared towards finding out unique needs, specific to your business,” said Nally. “There’s no one-formula-fits-all, and those who believe there is are playing with one tool. In the realm of that company’s goals, try to exploit what is missing. It’s hard to see exactly what is missing, because most times, you’ve been successful before, based on a particular pattern.”

Three elements are taken into account on a number of different levels through IntraGoal’s presentations: clarity, capability and will.

“When we come in to a new project, we work on the element of where you are and where you want to go,” Nally continued. “Clarity is identifying where you are and capability is your potential to advance to the next step. You have to find that motivation, or your will to make a change. A lot of times, it can come from realizing the cost of not doing certain things.

“When you make that leadership step, it’s because your eyes open to all the pain or waste you have developed, or negative result. When you really own them and stop laying the blame on others is when you’re really ready to start.”

IntraGoal Partners is simply one of several joint progresses Nally and Cox run together.

“Let’s say that the market has shifted,” said Nally, “but you haven’t changed your pattern. The real estate market’s a good example of this right now. If you’re applying the same formula for buying land, you’re going to continue down a slope. Usually, you have to change before you grow. If competition changed, you’re going to have to develop a new formula to get back up to zero.”

“Our goal is to create working progress for people and create value. We’re not an inexpensive service, but we definitely cost less than the value we create. There’s a lot of money that’s left on the table in businesses due to inefficiency, alone. With IntraGoal, we want to bring that back to the companies and show that they can move forward and be successful.

“By bringing one’s self into the equation and taking on tasks from a personal standpoint, accomplishment becomes more and more attainable. You have to be a chemical of the result. The more you can amp yourself up to play in that zone, the more you enhance your opportunity for success.”

One advocate of IntraGoal’s programs is Mike Cummings, president and owner of Miken Builders.

“I have been working with Mike Nally for two years,” Cummings stated in a testimonial. “Mike’s leadership skills and knowledge of teamwork has positively effected the growth of Miken Builders. Mike has been a big part of my company becoming a high-performance team that respects each other’s goals and objectives. I would recommend Mike for personal or team coaching.”

Companies can consult the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce Web site, at, or call (302) 539-2100 to sign up for the Feb. 22 course presented my Mike Nally of IntraGoal. The Chamber has enjoyed an impressive turnout with their new program, Chamber Academy, which saw a sold-out Spanish course this past fall.

Chamber Executive Director Karen McGrath wasted no time adding IntraGoal to the list of courses that can help improve the way local companies operate.

“Mike has such a great knack for reaching out and pulling out the best in you,” she said, “in both your personal and professional career.”

For more information about additional services through IntraGoal Partners, call (302) 541-5100.