Millville By The Sea gets green light

Millville By the Sea will begin work on a sales center and six model homes after receiving unanimous approval on its final site plan from the Millville Town Council on Tuesday, Feb. 12.

The Millville Group’s Al Ruble told council that his group is ready “to get the ball rolling” on the project, and that everything appeared to be in order on their side. The town’s engineering consultant, Kyle Gulbronson (of URS Corporation), told council that his company had reviewed the plan, “and found it in compliance with the town, the state and the county.” He recommended council approve the plan, as did Seth Thompson, the town solicitor.

Before the voting, a few letters from residents were read into the record. The first asked if the landscaping being done on the model homes was going to be reflective of the landscaping that would be featured throughout the development. Ruble answered that he wasn’t completely certain about that, because the hope of the builders is to make every neighborhood in the master planned community unique.

“However,” said Ruble, “our intention is a good intention.” The landscaping throughout the project will be nice, he continued, but he wasn’t sure that it would be “global” — the same throughout.

The second letter posed to Ruble asked if people will be presented with the development’s homeowner’s covenants upon buying a home. Ruble said they indeed would, and that there would be a copy kept on file at the sales office for anyone to peruse.

Satisfied by his responses, the council voted 4-0 to approve the final site plan. (Councilwoman Kami Banks was absent.)

Clean and Green

Mayor Donald Minyon announced on Tuesday plans for a “Clean and Green” campaign throughout the town. As part of the plan, town officials are looking into curbside recycling for every resident of Millville, trying to go from five waste management companies to one for the town, to limit the number of trucks going through town, and a townwide trash haul in the spring and fall, where residents could drop off their bulk trash items at Millville Town Hall for pick-up.

Minyon also discussed the possible relocation of the Delaware Solid Waste Authority’s Millville recycling spot. He said the town has been in discussion with The Millville Group about moving it to somewhere in the Millville By the Sea project, and that the group is responsive to that, and is awaiting word from the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) for approval.

“Hopefully, we can get that thing to stay in the area,” said Minyon, who added that the questions he gets the most are about the recycling center.

Another part of the town’s Clean and Green campaign involves finishing the work that’s been started around town hall with the planting of native plants. Minyon said he’d like to see markers identifying the plants, and added that the town just put in a bicycle rack outside town hall.

“Maybe people can start riding their bikes to town hall and can just enjoy the plants, or even just stop by to use the bathroom,” Minyon joked.

Calvarese introduced

Minyon introduced Carol Calvarese to the town. Calvarese will take Councilwoman Joan Bennett’s spot on council in March, after Bennett decided not to seek re-election.

Calvarese is a native Pennsylvanian who lived in Colorado for a number of years before moving to Creekside about 18 months ago.

“I just love Millville and want to really get involved,” said Calvarese.

“She certainly seems to be enthusiastic,” said Town Manager Debbie Botchie. “I’ve only met her briefly, but she seems excited, and you can tell she really loves Millville.”

Her enthusiasm is noticeable right off the bat, and Minyon said he looks forward to seeing what the new council member will bring to the table.

“We certainly welcome new blood to the council, and hearing from a new voice,” said Minyon. “And the fact that she’s not from here means she’ll bring a different perspective to the council. I’m looking forward to working with her.”