Beebe is using right logic

Rumors have been running rampant that Beebe Medical Center had changed its mind about using a 10-acre lot along Route 26 for a medical center in our community. Well, the rumors were a little bit off — thankfully.

Instead, Beebe picked up an additional 12.8 acres behind that lot, and plan on being able to grow their services as this community continues to grow in the future. This is the exact kind of foresight, logic and common sense that has also been exhibited locally in ... not enough areas.

The $28.2 million project that Beebe is undertaking is not only a significant investment on their part to become the dominant medical force in our community, it is also a concentrated effort on their part to let it be known that Beebe is in this for the long haul — and they will be consolidating their local services in one centralized location.

This is a significant event for our entire community. For years, the complaint heard most often behind overdevelopment was that there was little healthcare in our area — despite a demographic that features many elderly people. Well, the past few years has seen a dramatic increase in the number of doctors and specialists along Route 26, and throughout our area.

This investment by Beebe proves that this trend will only continue.

We applaud Beebe for their efforts in improving their medical services to this community, and trust that they will benefit from a community that takes prides in its volunteerism and penchant for helping out organizations.


Both Fenwick Island and Bethany Beach have elections coming up, and that’s impressive enough.

All too often, towns don’t have enough candidates interested in running for town council seats, so the councils are simply filled by whoever wants to be there. Granted, the beach towns tend to have more candidates than the inland towns, but it’s still a great thing to see multiple people filing for a finite number of seats.

Decisions made by our town councils often mean much more to people in their day-to-day lives than even the decisions made by national, state and county politicians. Town officials can decide when restaurants close, what our taxes are and what services we gain. It’s important that residents of towns get their say as to who is making their biggest decisions.