Bethany shop aims to help with Wholesome Habits

Diane Clark of Wholesome Habits understands that her store just outside Bethany Beach may be a little intimidating to newcomers, but as many people are finding out, the full-line, health-conscious store provides a variety of products and a multitude of information of the kinds that are giving millions of people worldwide a healthier outlook on life.

Coastal Point • Ryan Saxton: Diane Clark of Wholesome HabitsCoastal Point • Ryan Saxton
Diane Clark of Wholesome Habits

“The first thing to do when someone comes in is to get a feel for their lifestyle, their habits and any health issues they may have,” said Clark. “If someone suffers from arthritis or high blood pressure, we can show them a particular product. One of the first things we would offer someone is a good multivitamin. There are a lot of directions you could go with it.”

Some customers who have never visited the store before are curious about the products as compared to those offered at a traditional drug store, according to Clark.

“A lot of people ask us why our vitamins are different than what you’d find at a regular drug store, and, ‘Are they really good for you?’ she said. “The majority of our vitamins do not have any fillers. They have already been tested for content, and they go through third-party testing. The product is guaranteed No. 1.”

“A good number of the foods we carry are whole foods,” she added, “which is absorbed by the body. You can’t get all your vitamins from whole food, of course, but we don’t have the synthetic vitamins you’d find at other drug stores. Our bodies cannot absorb those synthetics.”

Just carrying the products is by no means enough for Clark and her staff. Understanding what the products provide and informing customers how to ensure their own well-being is just as important to the staff at Wholesome Habits, if not more so.

“The main thing about the service we offer over your traditional pharmacy is that we are knowledgeable,” she said. “Our reps who sell us the products we carry train us. We have free literature about the products and nutrition, and we make it available for our customers.”

Wholesome Habits shoppers can find a wealth of information inside, from pamphlets, cards and other literature to the store’s bible, “Prescription for Nutritional Feeling,” an encyclopedia-style collection of vitamins, health concerns, and appropriate resolutions.

“This way, we can offer a lot of information,” said Clark. “We’re not just going off the top of our heads. People can come in and ask why they should take flax seed oil or fish oil, and we can supply them with answers. We constantly update with new references, because there’s always something new coming out.”

One of the newest products to hit the health circuit is MonaVie, a 19-fruit juice that includes the Brazilian acai berry, which has recently been coined as one of nature’s top “superfoods.” The blend was designed to provide the body with essential phytonutrients and antioxidants to live a healthy life.

“Educating the public is very important,” Clark said, “and people are learning about health and nutrition. They are finding out that these foods and natural supplements can be a better compliment to your diet. Nobody wants to be on a chemical their whole life.”

Different products, from dietary supplements to herbal remedies, can provide an immense range of health benefits, such as rebuilding cartilage, exfoliating of the skin and sustaining the body’s required nutrients, according to Clark.

And wheat-free and gluten-free products have become a popular purchase, known for their use by those with celiac disease and wheat allergy. Low-sodium, sugar-free and low-glycemic foods are also available at Wholesome Habits.

Calcium supplements and calcium-rich products are hitting the shelves more than in the past, as recent research found that women start losing the vitamin as early as their mid-30’s, Clark explained.

In the summertime, most people make their own Vitamin D, which is produced when sunlight is absorbed through the skin. However, in the cooler months, the body’s source of Vitamin D can be depleted, as much of the body is covered up.

Juices and enhancers containing Vitamin D and other essentials are also available at the store. Candles, essential oils, herbal supplements health and beauty products can also be picked up at Wholesome Habits. And there are product lines for healthy dietary additions for men and women of all ages, even some for pets.

For more information, stop in at Wholesome Habits in the Beach Plaza, Unit 5, along Route 1 in Bethany, or call (302) 537-0567.