Scarlett’s Treasures shines light on precious finds

Business partners Pauline Blasena and Judy Brand have a knack for finding things for their stores, from priceless antiques to vintage collectibles. Brand’s Southern Virginia style and Blasena’s New Jersey niche ensure something for everyone at their joint operation, Scarlett’s Treasures and Lavender & Lace, along Route 26 in Millville, just west of Hocker’s Supercenter.

Coastal Point • Submitted: Efrem Phillips, Pauline Blasena and Judy Brand, from left, recently hosted ‘Let’s Find Out Together,’ a social event with an ‘Antiques Roadshow’ feel.Coastal Point • Submitted
Efrem Phillips, Pauline Blasena and Judy Brand, from left, recently hosted ‘Let’s Find Out Together,’ a social event with an ‘Antiques Roadshow’ feel.

And now, the ladies can plan on a little more attention, after Blasena arranged their first event Wednesday, March 19, “Let’s Find Out Together.”

The social event, complete with refreshments, saw an evening of fun and discovery as Efram Phillips of 3 Seasons Auctions in Millsboro came by, equipped with books to estimate prices of some of their customers’ most cherished keepsakes.

The “Antiques Roadshow”-style evening gave locals the opportunity to bring in everything from delicate paintings and fragile dolls to dated glassware and aged weapons.

Phillips, who has been in the auction business for just shy of two decades, is a collector himself, and enjoys everything about auctions and appraisals.

“It’s a great area here, because there’s so much history in this area,” he said. “You meet amazing people with amazing stories and antiques.”

Blasena looks to this event — and later ones that are planned to follow it — as ways to help get her shop noticed since she came to the area last November.

“People don’t really know me yet,” she said, “but I know they’ll love what we have when they stop in. I’m meeting so many people and finding that everyone is from everywhere. It’s a dream come true.”

The joint gift shop carries an eclectic array of this and that. Gift certificates for each store for $25 apiece were given away at the event, too.

“This is the first, and we want to have many more programs and events like this,” Blasena said. She plans to hold another “Let’s Find Out Together” evening, as well as a live auction at the location.

A fan of the Victorian era herself, Blasena knows a thing or two about collectors hunting around for just what they want.

“Business is lucrative,” she said, “because people always come in the store, and a lot of the times they have something in mind, something they collect. Most of the times, I go out and look for things for my customers and have found a lot of things for myself and other things to bring back to the shop.”

Phillips said he enjoyed the evening, stating he would be more than happy to return for another event.

“I’ve got a broad knowledge in a bunch of different things,” he said, “but no specialty. With auctions, there is so much out there, and I can constantly learn about new things.”

Working in the auction industry, Phillips has developed a notable knowledge of the costs of all sorts of items, and although he doesn’t do too many events like this one, he still gets the same satisfaction.

“A lot of the time,” he said, “someone will bring you something, not because they necessarily want to sell it, but because they want to know how much it is worth. It’s a great feeling to see the smile on their faces when you read them that estimate.”

For more information about Scarlett’s Treasures and Lavender & Lace, stop into their location at 34902 Atlantic Avenue or call (302) 539-5933.