PCC looks to make Friday nights fun again

Friday nights are about to get a lot more exciting for all ages this month as Peninsula Community Church (PCC) initiates their Family Fun Nights, every Friday evening from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. in the month of April, beginning tonight, April 4. PCC member and Family Fun Night organizer Rich Warfield has his expectations set high and his dreams even higher as this weekend he plans to bring in a warm, welcoming crowd.

“Our congregation considers ourselves ‘a ministry for our times,’” Warfield said. “These days, families are going in all different directions, all the time.”

In an effort to maintain that social connection within the family and with others, PCC assembled these Friday night features.

“It’s great opportunity to just grab the kids, grab a quick meal and just enjoy the evening,” he said. “It offers the chance for families to do something together.”

This Friday will kick off with the premier of the movie, “Facing the Giants,” which follows a young football team’s ambition and courage.

“There’s nothing like a good football movie,” said Warfield. “The movie brings up questions about faith and commitment. It touches on the philosophy of not giving up. It’s a very powerful piece with a great message.”

Ensuing Friday nights may include a number of things, from kite-flying and fishing, to horseshoes and board games, weather permitting for some events. The free evening is open to the public, whether they are part of the congregation or not.

On April 11, the second Friday of the month, Warfield is hoping to host a bonfire for the evening.

“The whole concept for the Family Fun Night is a new idea for PCC,” said Warfield, who has been with the congregation since relocating to the area in 2000. “We’re always trying to find new ways to try and support families in the community. This is one way we can help to get people in the door and make friends, and, hopefully, bring them closer to the Lord.”

The church itself, only 10 years old, is still young and growing, though outreach programs are nothing new to its members. Family Fun Night may be a “testing-the-waters” event, but the PCC for months has hosted Acoustic Café, where music and ministry combine for an evening of tunes and worship.

“We’re really pleased with the way the church has grown over the years,” said Warfield. “We have a beautiful facility and a lot of people have sacrificed to make that happen. It doesn’t make any sense to have such a great facility for Sunday mornings and not for anything else. We want to take advantage of every opportunity we have.”

For more information about Family Fun Night, visit www.pccministry.org online or call (302) 436-4522. PCC is located along Cypress Road in Selbyville.