Fenwick approves ambulance service concept

On Friday, March 28, the Fenwick Island Town Council voted to approve the concept of ambulance service from the Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company for their district starting in January of 2009, at which time the Millville Volunteer Fire Company plans to cease covering the Bethany district with its ambulance service.

Mayor Audrey Serio said that officials from the “Big Four” — Bethany Beach, South Bethany, Fenwick and Sea Colony — planned to meet again next week to discuss details still pending on the ambulance plan, with hopes of presenting a final proposal to council and voting in April. She noted that no number of years or amounts for the ambulance coverage had been decided, and they were not voting on a memorandum — merely the concept, so the Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company could move ahead with their planning.

Also last Friday, in an effort to eliminate some confusion about where parking is permitted in the town, Town Manager Tony Carson noted that the new beach-end signs and resident parking permits are color-coded blue. The signs clearly state that that area is for blue permit parking only. The seasonal parking passes for side-street parking will be a different color.

And instead of getting their hanging parking tags in the mail this year, residents will be asked to come in person to Town Hall to receive them. They can do so anytime after April 28.

In other news from the council meeting:

Council voted to amend the second reading of proposed amendments to the town’s charter regarding elections, nominations and qualifications of voters, to conform with state law.

Councilman William Weistling Jr. proposed and council agreed to delete the sentence “an artificial entity shall be a domestic entity in the State of Delaware,” which was written to allow one vote to trusts and one to partnerships and corporations.

The deletion of the sentence was aimed at avoiding the creation of more work for the town and election committee, so they will not have to try to trace where trusts were registered. Language already exists stating that the person casting the vote has to be a citizen and over the age of 18.

Carson also noted that, with the thanks of Police Chief William Boyden, the town had sold a 30-year-old tractor on eBay for $5,300.

Building Official Pat Schuchman reported that FEMA is re-evaluating regulations and has determined that some Fenwick Island homes’ first levels are to be designated as being at ground level. Those homes will lose their 10 percent discount on insurance they and most of the rest of the town receive due to the town’s flood mitigation efforts.

Schuchman urged any residents who see that change on their bill to get in touch with their insurance company to see what can be done to remedy it.

Council members also announced last Friday plans to hold workshops over the summer about a proposed change to town building height requirements, related to the flood plain, with a first reading expected in the fall, at the earliest.

Finally, Serio noted that the town has received a bond from Moor Disposal, the company chosen for townwide trash pick-up as the town ceases in-house collections.