Wood, Mitchell sworn in Ocean View

Ocean View swore in its new mayor and councilman on Wednesday night, during the town’s annual council reorganizational meeting. Outgoing Mayor Gary Meredith oversaw the swearing in of incoming Councilman Perry Mitchell, who replaced outgoing Councilman Norman Amendt, and then handed over the gavel to a freshly sworn-in Mayor Gordon Wood.

Wood was sworn in on a family Bible that reflects his family’s 300-year history in the town and presided over the meeting with a gavel made for his mother. He had only the mildest of causes to use it once during the meeting but said he would resort to the town’s gavel if need be, referencing twice the town’s recent turbulance.

“There is no room for a lack of comportment in a meeting,” he warned. “Not for the council or for the citizens. It can’t be tolerated. We must work together, you and your council. Expect it to be expected.”

Council members proceeded to name Councilman Richard Nippes as Mayor Pro-Tem and to wipe the slate clean with all new appointments for council spots on town committees. A new commitee aimed to look for possible agencies to inhabit part of the public safety building was created. Council members also voted to move their regular council meetings to the second Tuesday of each month, starting in June, and to hold work sessions only as needed after June.