Subs surface on area doorsteps

Quiznos has become synonymous with the fast-growing businesses booming with today’s on-the-go lifestyle. Just three years ago, “Entrepreneur” magazine ranked the toasty sub chain No. 2 in the top franchises of 2005. This year, Quiznos kicked off a campaign that boasts a 200-calorie, gourmet, flatbread “Sammie,” and now, they’re making lunchtime even more convenient, with deliveries. Rick and Michelle Olenick, new owners of the Quiznos shop in the Millville Town Center, have high hopes for their eatery, which is seeing more customers each week.

Coastal Point • Ryan Saxton: Rick and Michelle Olenick, new owners of the Quiznos shop in the Millville Town Center, deliver subs, Sammies and more.Coastal Point • Ryan Saxton
Rick and Michelle Olenick, new owners of the Quiznos shop in the Millville Town Center, deliver subs, Sammies and more.

Juggling their professions while taking over a new restaurant is never an easy task, but the couple is making it work. Rick, who also works in real estate, realized he had to find another way to make a profit, given the market’s current status.

“The real estate business took a dive,” he said, “and I knew I had to find something else, too. We had always loved eating here, so we figured we’d give this a shot.”

He underwent training at Quiznos’ “university” for a week in Denver, Colo., a requirement for all new managers.

“I’m here, as needed, from Thursday through Sunday,” said Michelle Olenick, who works in the dental field, “and I’m back in the office at the beginning of the week.”

Hiring new employees was one of the concerns Rick had coming into the new management position, but, fortunately, that concern resolved itself.

“You never know with businesses,” said Rick Olenick. “When an owner leaves, the employees may all jump ship. We were lucky that everyone liked us and they all stayed. So, now we have a solid group of workers.”

Employees were not the only ones satisfied with the new management coming in.

“We’ve had a lot of customers start coming back since they saw there was a change in ownership,” said Michelle. “It’s nice to see those faces walk through the door each day.”

The couple recently moved to the Delaware shore from just outside Columbia, Md.

“We came here to be closer to our relatives,” said Rick Olenick, “and our family’s been vacationing here for close to 40 years.”

Not only is running the store a new project for the Olenicks, but they now have a new service to supervise: deliveries. All new Quiznos restaurants, as of 2008, and all transfer stores, are now required to deliver. Nearly 770 stores are delivering, out of about 5,400 across the country, and the franchise is projecting that total number of stores to reach 10,000 over the next few years, according to Rick Olenick.

Customers up to 3 miles away can have their salads, soups and toasted subs delivered to their homes and workplace, but, Rick added, “We’ll go a little over for that special customer. We’ll deliver to someone just outside the radius. We want the public to know that we’re here for them. We want to pass that along to the whole team. We’re trying to ‘wow’ the customer.”

While most orders can get there in 40 minutes or less now, customers need to keep in mind that, especially with traffic along Route 26, it could take close to an hour in the summertime.

Currently, the Millville Quiznos has two drivers, and they’re looking for two more. Rick noted that, with tips, drivers can average nearly $20 per hour, and one delivery netted him $7 in tips in less than 20 minutes.

“Our first day we started delivering, we had 10 runs for lunch, and the second day, 13,” said Rick Olenick. The shop’s drivers are trained for full Quiznos service, so they can also help out where needed. Applications are available in the store.

“We’re seeing a lot of customers each day,” said Rick Olenick. “I think everyone’s happy we’re here, and we want to be here for them.”

Orders for delivery or pick-up can be called in by dialing (302) 539-8410. Soon, orders will also be able to be placed online at