Council postpones decision on gas station

The Ocean View Town Council voted on Tuesday, June 10, to table discussion on a proposed new gas station on Route 26 until its July meeting.

Views were split in the packed town hall Tuesday. This was the second public hearing held by the town council on the gas station proposal, following hearings on the issue before the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission earlier this spring.

The majority of residents who spoke at this week’s meeting seemed to only oppose the gas station portion of the proposal, not the convenience store and other business locations.

Elaine Birkmeyer, a resident of nearby Savannah’s Landing, said she felt the new business would enhance the town.

On the other hand, Nancy Sweeney said she was concerned how the gas station would affect traffic on already-busy Route 26.

Councilman Bill Wichmann said he did not want to drag a decision out until July. And, while the other council members agreed with him, an appropriate date in June for the council vote could not be found.

In order to draft a proper ordinance — either in support of or opposed to the proposal — councilmen would need access to the town solicitor. Town Solicitor Dennis Schrader will be on vacation for two weeks in June, making the July meeting the council’s next choice for a vote.

“We want to do this right the first time,” said Mayor Gordon Wood.

The council voted 3-1 in favor of making a decision in July. Wichmann opposed the motion.

The council will hold a workshop meeting on Tuesday, June 24, at town hall.