CSI offers ‘counter’ intelligence

Mike Mercer has worked at Counter Source Industries (CSI) for six years, and his wife, Sandy, has worked there for two. Now, they own the store, but they plan to keep things pretty much the same, continuing a successful owner-employee partnership that led them to buy the business.

“We’re all one big team, and we succeed for the rest of the team,” Sandy Mercer remarked about the closeness of the employees of CSI, which sells stone for countertops, surrounds and furniture, targeting building professionals, designers and architects who may be looking for innovative materials.

The company’s stated philosophy is “Sell a quality product, along with quality service, for a competitive price.” Mike Mercer was a general contractor in Bel-Aire, Md., 11 years ago, before moving to the area, and CSI itself has been offering countertop materials in the area since 1961, so knowledge and experience are with them.

Of course, the couple plans on growing their new business, and it seems that they are off on a good foot. On a Saturday afternoon this spring, people were flowing in and out, non-stop.

And customers aren’t the only ones who appreciate the natural beauty of the slabs of granite and other stone displayed in front of their location on Route 26.

“This is true artwork, that’s what I get out of it — just seeing the way the granite moves, it’s beautiful,” said Sandy Mercer, expressing joy in working with the stone, which the CSI team does on-site in their location just over the Assawoman Canal from Bethany Beach.

CSI has suppliers from around the world that help them import all types of stone, so the varieties available are nearly endless. Just a few different choices they offer include marble, soapstone, limestone and engineer quartz.

They also offer IceStone — an eco-friendly material for counters, walls, tub and shower surrounds and floors that is durable, Cradle to Cradle-certified and free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Incorporating recycled glass and concrete, IceStone is an option that is definitely becoming more popular in the area as “green” building becomes a more common choice. And green is just one of the 27 standard shades in which the product is available, with custom options that are limitless.

For more information on CSI, visit them in their showroom at 5 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 1, in the Ocean View Centre, go online at www.csind.com or call (302) 539-5874.