Millville couple hits pair of milestones

Jacqueline and Noble Simpson of Millville recently held a “60-80 Celebration Party,” in commemoration of their 60th wedding anniversary and Noble Simpson’s 80th birthday.

Coastal Point • SUBMITTED: Jacqueline and Noble Simpson still make quite the pair, even after 60 years of marriage.Coastal Point • SUBMITTED:
Jacqueline and Noble Simpson still make quite the pair, even after 60 years of marriage.
The party, which was held on Saturday, July 1, honored both his birthday and the couple’s anniversary, but the two events did not actually fall on the same day; Noble Simpson was born on May 9, and the couple married on July 27. But the big 6-0 and 8-0 were important enough to call for one big, combined party.

Friends and relatives — 100 in all — attended the anniversary/birthday party earlier this month. The guests hailed from six states, including California. And guests at the party had the opportunity to view a birthday and wedding video history prepared by guest David Freitag of Grafton, Mass., and to listen to taped anniversary songs sung by both Noble and Jacqueline Simpson.

The couple has a son, Glenn, and a daughter, Linda, and four grandchildren, all of whom attended the party. Along with their respective spouses, Glenn and Linda were the ones responsible for planning the event.

Describing how he and his wife met, Noble Simpson said, “She lived about a block away from me when we were kids. I would play spud with her and throw rocks at her window.”

The couple married in the Zion Lutheran Church in Washington, D.C.; Noble Simpson was 20 at the time, and Jacqueline Simpson was 19. Jacqueline’s parents, who were in the bakery business, contributed a 100-pound cake to the wedding — “65 pounds of cake, and 35 pounds of icing,” said Noble.

When asked what advice they would give to young married couples, Noble said, “Try to work things out, because it’s not going to be that much greener on the other side.” Jacqueline added, “Compromising is important as well.”

The two plan to go on a cruise to England, Ireland, Scotland and Norway in further celebration of their anniversary. The couple also took cruises to celebrate their 50th and 55th wedding anniversaries.