'Clean sheet' for Ocean View council

After some recent conflict between council members, it would appear that the Ocean View Town Council is making a quick turn-around to mend their ways and some fences. At the start of last Wednesday’s council meeting, Councilman Bill Wichmann opened with a statement to his peers.

“We have here an outstanding staff and department heads,” he said, “and we’re fortunate to be backed up by an incredibly good staff. I think, at this time, as I look out and see the way we — myself included — have acted as council, I don’t think we’ve been doing near the job that the town deserves. We’ve got to change the way we operate.”

Wichmann proposed that the council start with a “clean sheet,” extending his hand to each council member with the message, “Let’s work together.”

Continuing in the meeting, Councilman Dr. Richard Nippes, who since he elected to council this past spring, has taken on the responsibility of reviving the town’s historical committee, presented the new town seal and motto for Ocean View. A town-wide contest brought in creative ideas from members of the community last month.

“A place to come home to…” was adopted as the town’s motto after approximately 130 submissions from area members were taken into consideration. Another handful of ideas for the seal were incorporated into the final product, a joint effort brought together by local artists Aubré Duncan and Laura Hickman.

“No one really came up with a seal that we felt completely comfortable with, but they all had something that we thought was relevant,” said Nippes. The new seal brings together significant themes of the area, including a ship, a chicken, strawberries, a plow and the ancient white oak that sits on the corner of Central Avenue. For the seal, all are set within a window frame, providing a “view of the ocean” at the top. The seal will be integrated into town stationary and correspondence, as well as featured at the town hall and newly constructed police department.

“I want to thank everyone, especially [Duncan and Hickman] for their time and something that I lack: creativity,” said Nippes. “I could never come up with something like this. It’s great to have this kind of talent and support from the community.”