A fresh start needed at school

Labor Day is fast approaching, and the sight of school buses making their way down local roads and children carrying books will be filling the eye.

It’s an exciting time for children and parents alike. Likewise, many of our local restaurants and retail stores will soon be losing employees as they return to college. The beginning of a new school year is similar to spring training for baseball teams — everyone has a clean slate, and is buzzing with optimism as they start a new beginning.

No school in the nation is in need of a fresh start as much as Virginia Tech. Last spring, a nation watched in horror as a student gunman shot down 32 students and faculy members before taking his own life. The college in remote Blacksburg, Va. was inundated with law enforcement officials, family members wishing to pick up their kids and take them home and media gathering for the story.

Now, it’s Virginia Tech’s time to move forward. Oh, the courage displayed by students, administrators and faculty in finishing out last year’s spring term was inspirational for any of us who followed the school’s reaction or knew people who were going through the tragedy. But this year is clearly about remembering what happened, but moving forward.

Yes, other things have happened in our lives since the shooting at Virginia Tech, and the rest of us have moved along back into our regular lives. But the people at Virginia Tech have a bigger struggle, and can only be achieved with the support of a nation.

----Well, the race for town council seats in Bethany Beach appears to be heating up — particularly if you judge such things by the amount of letters of support in our paper.

This should be a great election. There is one incumbent member running for re-election, a candidate running for the second time and a fresh candidate who has been a selfless resident in the town for years and Bob Parsons, a former council member.

We will preview the race as we do all elections in our community. Next week will be the last week we will allow letters concerning the election to appear, and we will run Q&As with the candidates the week of the election.

Good luck to all! This should be a great race!