Updated Fenwick council to take a look at recycling

Fenwick Island may be implementing a voluntary, town-wide recycling program, depending on the results of Friday’s council meeting, on Aug. 24 at 3:30 p.m. As part of the agenda, the council will take a look at a proposed contract with Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA) and decide if they wish to begin a recycling program within the town limits.

“If approved, the program will be strictly voluntary, and will be funded by the town,” noted Fenwick Island Town Manager Tony Carson. “It will share a lot of similarities with the recycling program in Rehoboth.”

If council decides to go ahead with the program, participating residents can expect 65-gallon carts distributed throughout town for curbside pickup. The carts are designed to contain all recyclable materials except for glass – including plastic narrow-necked bottles, plastic grocery bags, aluminum, steel and empty aerosol cans, newspapers, junk mail and corrugated cardboard. A separate, smaller bin will be used for glass.

The town’s current refuse plan will not be affected by the proposed program.

Pickup frequency will vary throughout the year. “In the summer months, we anticipate having weekly pickups,” said Carson, “then going to every other week in the other seven months.”

This Friday will be the town’s first council meeting since the 2007 council elections.

Audrey Serio is returning to her chair as mayor of the town and president of council. Incumbent Chris Clark was also re-elected and was appointed by Serio in the council’s Aug. 15 reorganizational meeting as vice mayor. After a year off council, Vicki Carmean is reclaiming a seat on the council. And newcomer Todd Smallwood, who tallied the most votes in the Aug. 4 election, secured the other seat left vacant by retiring council members Theo Brans and Martha Keller. Serio, Clark, Carmean and Smallwood now share terms on council until August 2009.

Council mMembers Diane Tingle and Gardener Bunting, both in their second year on the council, are returning to their positions at secretary and treasurer, respectively. William Weistling is also back for his second year as a council member. Their terms will expire 2008.

Additionally, Winnie Lewis returned as chair of the planning commission, with Richard Mais as vice chair and Phil Craig as secretary. Susan Klein, John Regan, Lois Twilley and Clark also return to the planning board.