Fenwick makes the right move

Making a move that is both environmentally responsible and resident-friendly, the Fenwick Island Town Council voted unanimously to accept a two-year, town-wide recycling contract with the Delaware Solid Waste Authority. The cost of the program for the town is $34 per registered resident, and figures out to be $1 a pick-up, with service going from weekly in the busy season to every-other-week in the off-season.

For the residents, this is a huge help in terms of convenience. Participants will be given a 65-gallon container that they will fill with recyclables — no separating paper from plastic, etc. For the town, it is a good way for Fenwick Island to participate in the recycling age with as less fuss to the town as possible.

And this is the kind of thing we elect public officials to do for us. This is a decision that really doesn’t have a downside. If you wish to participate in the recycling program, just register at town hall. If you don’t wish to participate, simply don’t.

---You know it’s Labor Day weekend in this area when the jazz is pumping loudly on the Bethany Beach boardwalk, and a cast of characters is bidding adieu to another summer season.

This year’s Bethany Beach Jazz Funeral will take place at 5:30 p.m. at the north end of the town’s boardwalk on Monday, Sept. 3. For those unaware of the annual tradition, “mourners,” along with a jazz band, carry a casket commemorating the death of summer to its final resting spot at the Bandstand.

There will also be a silent auction on Friday, Aug. 31, from 3 to 5 p.m. at Bethany Blues Restaurant. For the third consecutive year, this season’s Jazz Funeral will benefit those impacted by Hurricane Katrina — with this year’s specific donation going to Big Brothers, Big Sisters, who has been very busy throughout the New Orleans area following the tragic storm.

This is a great event that everyone should take part in at least once.

---School’s back, and it’s time to remind ourselves to drive accordingly. Sure, the traffic is about to loosen up a little with the holiday coming and going, but we need to be extra vigilant with school children walking to and from bus stops and school.

---It’s Labor Day weekend, everybody. Go out and have some fun.