Real estate agent bringing second office to Bethany

Whether they’re a full-time resident or vacationer, it’s virtually impossible for people along southern coastal Delaware not to have come across Vickie York’s name at some point or another.

VY 2007.08.31: Vickie York at the Beach Realty recently opened its second office in Bethany Beach in the same strip mall as Isabella’s and All Out Sports.Coastal Point • RUSLANA LAMBERT
Vickie York at the Beach Realty recently opened its second office in Bethany Beach in the same strip mall as Isabella’s and All Out Sports.

The real estate mogul, who launched into the biz 25 years ago, can be found on signs and billboards all over Sussex County. In recent years, Vicky York at the Beach Realty, which began in Millville, has dealt with customers all over that town and in surrounding resort areas. Now, with the arrival of a second office, in Bethany Beach, York hopes to provide a little more convenience for clients.

“I think it will create some visibility for our customers at the Bethany Beach area,” said York.

The new office, which provides York with 1,500 more square feet, rests at the former site of Bethany Cycle and Fitness, beside Sea Needles and All Out Sports on Route 26. York noted that there will be four agents working at the new location, as well.

“We have a lot of clients from that area and we sell a lot of property up there, so it just makes sense to have a second office up there,” she said.

The upcoming sewer project on Route 26 could potentially pose a threat to accessibility at York’s Route 26 office, detouring clients away from or hindering the commute to the original location. “It also creates a great opportunity,” she said of the expansion. “The space became available, and we wanted to take advantage of it.”

York has established herself throughout the area’s real estate market for a quarter of a century. She has been working exclusively in southeastern Delaware for 12 years, giving her plenty of experience in the local scene. Before establishing her own company, she spent two years affiliated with RE/MAX by the Sea. Prior to the move to Millville, she worked in Gaithersburg, Md.

Since beginning her work in lower Delaware, York said she couldn’t be happier, and now she is eager to offer her more convenient accommodations. “It’s so nice when you have people that are staying in Bethany, you can meet them up there without driving back and forth.”

Despite the recent slowdown in the real estate market in the area, York said her business has been doing surprisingly well.

“We have been really busy,” she said. “In the last three weeks, we have been averaging 39 sales calls a week from our listings and ads, and last week, we had over 100 sales calls, so it’s nearly tripled. It used to be, people would come in and look on a Saturday and Sunday, but now they come down any day of the week.”

York said she is very pleased with the recent spurt in business, despite its difficulty to explain. “I wish I knew [why business has picked up],” she said, “but we’re just going to enjoy it, take advantage of it and hope it continues through the fall.”

York said that she’s beginning to see a parallel between the business today and the one she got into when she started here in 1995.

“The market’s getting back to being normal,” she said. “There was still a big selection of inventory. Interest rates were around 10 to 11 percent. People were buying because they wanted to be here. It was a second home. It was a place to relax and come down and create memories with friends and families.

“When the market started going crazy, people were just buying purely for investment purposes,” she said. “It’s finally getting back to reselling the idea of what the beach is all about. People want to be here now.”

She recommends that people seize the opportunity now if they plan to look at new property.

“There’s a great selection for people out there,” she added. “There’s really good deals for people to take advantage of, and interest rates are still attractive. There are certainly a lot of opportunities for buyers.”

“I can’t think of anything I’d rather do,” she said. “It’s a great business.”

For more information about Vicky York at the Beach Realty, visit on the Internet, call (302) 539-2145 or 800-250-1414, or stop by either location — in Bethany, across from DiFebo’s, or in Millville, at 518 Atlantic Avenue, just east of Al Casapulla’s.