Fenwick makes the right move

We get on a lot of leaders in this community for not using vision in their planning because, well, they rarely use vision on their planning. However, one would have to be impressed by the plans that Beebe Medical Center has for its new Clarksville facility.

We all know that expanded and diverse medical services have been in high demand for this area for some time. The area hit a spurt of unprecedented growth that featured a large amount of seniors coming to the shore to retire, and there simply was not enough medical care in the immediate area to meet their needs.

Yes, the emergency clinic in Millville has been a great addition to the community, but the facility did not have enough services to come anywhere close to achieving what has been needed here, and it was only open during the summer months.

Well, a lot of that is about to change.

The new facility is being planned with the thought in mind that it will indeed need to grow in time to meet the needs of the community. Beebe purchased a bigger expanse of land than they need with their current plans because they were smart enough to realize that they will need to expand down the road.

Yes, Beebe is making an attempt to corner the health care market in the area for years to come. But, again, that’s smart and forward-thinking. And it’s important for us to remember that this expansion of Beebe’s services not only benefits them down the road, it’s great for our entire community.

---Amidst the aesthetic beauty and excitement of the Boardwalk Arts Festival last weekend, the Town of Bethany Beach managed to hold a town council election with a pretty good voter turnout.

The Coastal Point wishes to congratulate Bob Parsons, Joseph Healy and Carol Olmstead on their victories last weekend, and we wish to thank Margaret Young for her involvment in the process, as well as her efforts for the town over the years.