Beach Cottage to host art show

The Beach Cottage, on Route 26 in Ocean View, will be once again holding its annual outdoor art show, this Saturday, Sept.15, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., with a rain date on Sunday with the same hours.

The outdoor show, now five years in the making, provides local artists and craftsman the opportunity to share their works and talents. This year, show-goers can enjoy selections of watercolors, oils and pastels, as well as blown glass, hand carving, hand-made quilts and more.

Beach Cottage owner Carol Schneider anticipated an even bigger crowd than last year, which was she considers a great success.

“It’s always a great turnout,” said Schneider, who became owner of the business last year, taking over from Karen Pomije. She even helped assist with last year’s show.

“There are some great artists participating, and it’s nice to get people out here,” Schneider said. Nearly a dozen artists will be represented, and most of their artwork is regularly sold at the Beach Cottage.

The show had previously coincided with Bethany Beach’s Boardwalk Art Festival, which was held last weekend, and local artist Chip Deitrick said he is pleased with the change.

“It’s really nice to have the outdoor exhibit [at the Beach Cottage] the week after the boardwalk show,” he said. “It helps give extra exposure to really talented artists.” Deitrick, along with wife Barbara, participated in last weekend’s boardwalk show. The casual atmosphere and potential business this weekend serve as other perks for Chip Deitrick.

“Everything’s much more relaxed at this show,” he said. “The boardwalk show is very hectic, and I don’t always have a lot of time to talk with other artists. Last week’s show brings out a different crowd than this one does, too. You get some collectors and customers, but a lot of people just come to browse. At the Beach Cottage, a lot of people come to purchase pieces. Almost everyone leaves with something.”

The location is works well for the artists, too.. “There’s a lot of traffic along [Route] 26,” said Deitrick. “We always have a pretty good crowd.”

While Schneider might like to hold such shows more often, due to limited parking space and tight accommodations, the town of Ocean View restricted the number of outdoor shows she was permitted to hold when she became the Beach Cottage’s new owner.

Still, the ability to hold an outdoor show is something she relishes. “It’s nice to still be able to do this every once in a while,” Schneider said.