Make your own vote count this time

Well, that was a bit of a metaphorical kick to our campaign’s groin.

When Colin Powell came out in support of Sen. Barrack Obama recently, I was, to put it mildly, disappointed. I served under the leadership of Gen. Powell in the first Gulf War, and was certain he would take that into consideration as he was making his decision on who to back in this election. Surely, he would come out in favor of McCann-Harvey in this race, right?


Undeterred, we continue forth on our campaign to assume leadership of this fine nation. Sam and I spent last weekend on a retreat to discuss our strategy as the election nears, and we came up with some real groundbreaking stuff. We decided that to really grab the hearts and minds of our prospective voters, we needed to...

You know what? It wasn’t a political retreat. A group of us went down to the Outer Banks to play poker and put a dent in the world’s supply of alcohol, and I think that the most political thing to come out of anybody’s mouth was, in fact, completely politically incorrect. But, we had fun, and our hopes are still high as the time to cast your ballots nears.

The truth be told, we’re adjusting our goals a little bit at this point. When we set out on our adventure, we were cautiously optimistic that we would win this race by a good 40 to 50 points. Of course, we were also somewhat certain the Supreme Court would rule that we lost the election by some odd technicality, but we would have been happy to just show the evidence that America was ready to take us to her collective bosom.

But now we realize that we might have been a bit off with our original prognostications. That 40-50 point difference we were thinking would be in our favor now might be pointed to the other candidates. And while that does throw a monkey wrench in our plans of world domination... I mean, um, leading this great nation, we are still optimistic that our initial focus of giving Americans their voice can be achieved.

Allow me to elaborate.

Both Sam and I believe that one of the most purely beautiful elements of American life is the right to vote. There is a belief permeating throughout the nation that unless you vote for one of the candidates from the two power parties, you are simply throwing away your vote.

That could not be further from the truth.

The fact is, we are supposed to cast our votes for the individual we feel is best suited to fill that position. If a Republican candidate gets 48 percent of the vote, and the Democrat gets 48 percent, well, that leaves 4 percent of the population who decided that someone else could do it better. If I believe that Snoop Dogg would best lead this nation, but I vote for the Republican or Democrat candidate, then did I really cast my vote for my individual choice, or just join the cattle and blindly select the dreaded “lesser of two evils?”

And that’s where our new goals figure into the equation. We have come to the unsettling realization that victory is probably not ours for the taking. There will be no “Sam Harvey Badminton Court” at the White House, and I will not be hosting the Brazilian bikini team on a leisurely stroll through the Rose Garden. However, we might just be able to make Americans think for a small moment in time.

Your vote is not part of a popularity contest. It’s a personal and individual decision that is now yours because brave people before us sacrificed their lives for that very cause. As someone who served in combat, I can tell you that there are people in the armed forces who are Democrats, Republicans, Independents and, well, some who are just flat-out scary to be around for any extended period of time.

I would guess that’s been the case since the birth of this nation when brave individuals left their families to fight for a cause they believed in — the battle to earn Americans individual rights and liberties. It is important, especially during the times of national elections, that we remind ourselves of that little fact.

So, we’ve shifted our campaign to one based on the idea that each American vote their conscience. When talk of “wasted votes” arises, remember that their are wasted votes in this system even when they go to one of the power parties. Do you think a Republican vote in Massachusets matters one bit under the electoral college system? Or a Democratic vote in a Republican stronghold? No, it truly doesn’t.

Vote for the person this election that you personally feel would do the best job in leading this nation. Vote for your choice, and your choice alone. Vote for the person you think would best serve your needs.

A little secret — it’s not me and Sam.