Selbyville rezones 35 parcels to new R-4

Members of the Selbyville Town Council gathered for their regular monthly meeting on Monday, Nov. 3, and quickly adopted an amendment to their 1996 zoning ordinance and map, changing the zoning designation of 35 parcels in the town’s R-3 zoning district to the R-4 district.

The R-4 zoning allows property owners and developers more flexibility on lot size without increasing overall permitted density. R-3 lots must be a half-acre or larger, while R-4 lots can be as small as 12,000 square feet, with the resulting extra space being “open space.”

The council also discussed Nov. 3 recent problems with juvenile crime and drunk and belligerent patrons at Dublin Steakhouse/Erin’s Pub. They decided to review the town’s nuisance laws and its enforcement of nuisance laws to deal with recent juvenile crime problems. Meanwhile, police reported that the trouble spot at Dublin Steakhouse seemed to have quieted down in recent weeks, after Police Chief W. Scott Collins had suggested that the town look at further efforts to crack down on problems there.

The council agreed unanimously on Nov. 3 to have an injector pump at the Church Street pump station of its municipal water system repaired and to have a backup generator installed. Town officials also announced that water standards have been met at the town water plant. Meanwhile, the town is investigating a new method of water treatment/filtration which, if all goes as planned, would reduce cost of water filtration by up to $44,000 per year.

The town also announced significant progress in work to install central sewer and water service along the Route 17 and 54 corridors. Water mains and connections are now complete, and paving repair in the area was to be completed this week.

While the town rented a street sweeper to clean up after this year’s Halloween parade, organized by the Selbyville and Fenwick Island Lions Clubs, council members said they would discuss purchasing a sweeper at a future date. Upgrades are also due for computers at town hall, with updates to current technology due the week of Nov. 17.

Town officials also announced that all town employees are now CPR certified. Holiday lights in the town are expected to be hung and in operation by Thanksgiving night. Finally, Mountaire officials announced that their annual Thanksgiving for Thousands event is in progress. Information on the project can be found online at