So much to be thankful for

Let’s face facts: It’s been a tough year for many.

The building industry has taken a downturn, hurting many Realtors, brokers, mortgage people, contractors and more — a significan’t protion of this very community’s population. Gas prices have spun back and forth like they’re determined by the Wheel of Fortune, and the national and local elections tore a hole through the collective soul of our people.

However, it’s during these times that taking a breath to examine things in our respective lives and determine what we’re truly thankful for is gravely important. We all do it — we get caught up in the negatives and stresses in our lives and simply gloss over the things that make us each fortunate in our own ways. Well, this is the time of year to focus on the positives, and give thanks to those things we are grateful for most.

For instance, for starters, I’m thankful for Jamie. She is my rock and my friend, and I can never repay her enough for all she has done to make my life significantly better.
I’m thankful once again for my parents. I’m thankful for the lectures, the spankings and the collective months they kept me incarcerated in my bedroom for my often-knuckleheaded acts. I’m also thankful for the hugs, the kisses on my boo-boos and the words of encouragement.

I’m thankful that Ocean View Town Council has given the community plenty to talk about with their shenanigans. But I’m not thankful that their laundry gets aired in these pages. Sometimes, we feel a little used over here.

I’m thankful for my loyal and dedicated group of poker-playing friends. They’ve braved weather, illness and angry wives to make poker night something to look forward to, and I’m grateful for their friendship and, yeah, their money, from time to time.

I’m thankful for the widened beach in Bethany, and the dune. Granted, I don’t spend a lot of time on the boardwalk looking at the sea, so I haven’t had to deal with losing part of the view, but I’m pretty thankful we have a little more protection now from a storm. Plus, I’m always thankful for anything that gets people riled up, and this has.

I’m thankful for Bob Bertram. God help me, but I just love that guy to death — and not only because I get to mess with his job title every week.

Speaking of which, I can never explain enough how thankful I am for all those people in the box to the right. If the general community could see just how hard those people work every week to bring you the most informative newspaper they can, this entire area would be thankful for that group.

I’m thankful that in this time of political correctness and moral superiority, the bikini has stood the test of time. Granted, they can sometimes ride up on me a bit, but it’s still a wonderful invention on others.

Though I say this every year, it still hasn’t lost its meaning. I’m thankful for Susan Lyons and her entire family. Words could never do justice to how much I love this family, and how I look forward to decades more of spending time with them in the future.

I’m thankful for my two dogs, Guinness and Bailey. Yeah, they make me want to ship them off to Tanzania about 17 times a day, but it’s still a nice feeling to come home and get the kind of reception they give every day. Plus, Guinness does a nice job of keeping my feet warm at night.

I’m thankful that Leo Brady is now back in the area. Somehow, the entire community just feels like a better place with the man himself back in town.

I’m thankful for my sister, her husband and their two sons. It’s nice to have a place to call or visit when you need people you know have your best interests at heart. I’m also thankful that my sister has stopped stalking men down at the docks, and has put aside her fondness for all things barnyard animal. Way to go, sis!

I’m thankful for our readers and advertisers. We’re all very fortunate here in that we get to do what we love to do for a living, and we wouldn’t be afforded that opportunity without the support of the readers and our business partners.

I’m thankful that I made it through this column without digressing. I mean, it’s like this ridiculous pull on me to slip it in each week. Like, this one time, I had to ...

But I digress.

Darn. Happy Thanksgiving to all!