MillVols take volunteer efforts to Millville

The MillVols – a Millville volunteer group – have officially started to organize.

Steve Micciche, coordinator of the group and a former Citizen Auxiliary Patrol member from Ocean View, said that he had been approached a few months back by Millville Mayor Don Minyon about how to get something similar to CAP started in Millville.

With the dissolution of the Ocean View CAP by the Ocean View Town Council in recent months, Micciche said some members were looking to stay busy in volunteer work. He said some of the 18 people that have formally expressed interest in joining the MillVols are former CAP members. Other members are totally new to volunteering.

The group is still in the organizational stages but has had a few brainstorming meetings and has met with representatives from the Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA), Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) and Sussex County Retired Seniors Volunteer Patrol (RSVP). With Millville not having its own police force, the volunteer group cannot be a citizens’ auxiliary patrol under VIPS, as they were in Ocean View, but would instead be a general town volunteer group.

“Our intention is to start with a neighborhood watch,” explained Micciche. “We are hoping to get training in CPR and AARP driver training, and eventually do senior check-ins.”

Micciche said the group has no set hours or times or programs yet, as they are still in the organizational stages. He said there is a gamut of jobs available that they intend to be able to help the town out with, including maintenance of town hall, grass cutting, community service – which includes the neighborhood watch program and senior check-ins – and being involved in special town events, as well as clerical work at town hall.

Micciche emphasized that members do not have to be from Millville to be involved, and the group is looking to grow. For those wanting more information, their next meeting will be held Tuesday, Feb. 3, at 7 p.m. at Millville Town Hall, or interested parties can call Micciche at (302) 537-9503.