BREAKING NEWS: Ocean View election canceled, Lawless certified councilman-elect

Robert "Bob" Lawless was certified councilman-elect for Ocean View's District 4 seat at the Friday, April 3, meeting of the town's Board of Supervisors of Elections. Because the number of qualified candidates is now equal to the number of seats up for election, after the withdrawal of candidate Jerry Mueller last week, there will be not be an election held in Ocean View this year.

On Wednesday night, the same board heard and dismissed a complaint from councilman Perry J. Mitchell arguing that Lawless had improperly garnered support from local Republicans in his campaign for the Ocean View District 4 council seat. Lawless was found not to have violated the town's or state's election laws and was left as the only candidate for the seat, as former opponent Gerald "Jerry" Mueller dropped out of the race last week.

"The good common sense of the people of Ocean View prevailed," said Lawless on Friday of the board's decision. "It was a testament to the calm demeanor of the Board of Supervisors of Elections and they made a judgment. I'm pleased. I'd also like to thank John Brady for his representation, it was a wonderful task."

Barring no objections in the seven-day grace period mandated by state law, Lawless will be announced as the elected candidate by the town manager at the April 14 town council meeting.

Mayor Gordon Wood is eager to get back to the business at hand. "With this election campaign, such as it was, we have moved on and I expect Ocean View business to be effective but boring."

"It is unfortunate that we went through this challenge, which was a significant waste of time and money. I look forward to working with Bob Lawless, who has demonstrated that he is a gentleman in every way."

The election was scheduled for Saturday, April 11, 2009.