Isom offers a facial that's All About U

As the summer months approach and people begin to spend more time outdoors, it’s important they remember to take care of their skin. A number of qualities of coastal living can have an effect on the skin, such as sunlight, salt in the air and the constantly changing humidity. If you’re worried though, fear not. With a little bit of help from the right place, your skin could be glowing all summer long.

Coastal Point • Jesse Pryor: All About U Aveda Spa & Salon is located on Route 26 in Millville. The spa specializes in skincare, offering facials, body treatments and more.Coastal Point • Jesse Pryor
All About U Aveda Spa & Salon is located on Route 26 in Millville. The spa specializes in skincare, offering facials, body treatments and more.

Kristina Isom of All About U Aveda Spa & Salon on Route 26 in Millville is a skincare and facials specialist, offering treatments for all types of skin.

“About five and a half years ago, I was working at a bank,” noted Isom. “I never really thought about cosmetology school, but then someone told me you could go to school just for skincare. When I was 15, I was using a treatment and lying out in the sun. I had the worst reaction, with bubbles on my skin and everything. I went to school in New Jersey and absolutely loved it. I’ve been here at Aveda for almost a year.”

“Facials can be as intense or relaxed as the customer desires,” Isom explained. “For most, treatment once a month is appropriate, although for more intensive treatment, a six-week method is used. I also do body treatments, where we exfoliate the skin and apply lotion to cleanse the entire body.”

While some salon products can be harsh, Aveda salons use gentle, natural products.

“Aveda products are all 95 to 99 percent plant-derived, allowing a ‘high-touch’ rather than a high-tech experience,” quipped Isom. “The natural products are healthier to the environment and your body.”

“I work the whole body when I do a facial, so it’s very therapeutic,” Isom continued. “The client comes in and receives a consultation. The client then lies down on a massage table, while music and candles provide additional relaxation. Hot towels are wrapped around the feet for comfort, and cleanse the skin. The client receives a massage of the face, neck, shoulders, hands and arms. Each treatment uses a customized mask, providing unique treatment for each individual.”

During the process, the skin in cleansed and the body relaxed. Isom uses a number of methods, including oils, aromatherapy and hot and cold stones to relax the body and mind.

“There’s a basic facial, which is the standard Aveda product. We also offer a firming treatment and treatment for pigmentation and sun damage and acne. Aveda also offers a tourmaline treatment for exfoliation,” added Isom.

Tourmaline – a crystal silicate mineral – can be found in a number of Aveda products, offering both exfoliation and shine. “Aveda is the first line that came out with mineral makeup, actually,” explained Isom.

Facials range from a quick 30-minute treatment to a full hour of skincare. During the process, clients receive massages to the feet and hands, blackhead removal and pore cleansing, and, of course, a facial mask. The mask is designed specifically for each individual’s personal skin care needs.

“The main line in Aveda is botanical kinetics, that’s their original line.” Isom noted. “From there you can advance to the tourmaline, the outer peace for acne, or green science for firming of the skin. The tourmaline also offers an oil-free SPF protection, which is very popular in the summer. All of our products are available for retail purchase, as well.”

Each week, Isom offers specials to entice the customer. Customers may receive a free mini-manicure, complimentary waxing or discounts on numerous services offered.

All About U Aveda Salon & Spa is located at 125 Atlantic Avenue in Millville. To set up an appointment, call (302) 539-1925.