New classes and 24-hour access make Energy Gym a standout

Energy Gym – formerly American Health and Fitness – on Route 54 in West Fenwick Island knows a thing or two about catering to its members. That’s precisely why husband-and-wife team and owners Tony and Gina Hall took Energy Gym to the next level, bringing in new equipment and just last fall, converting the gym to a 24-hour facility. Now, they’re making even more adjustments and have also added classes, which have opened the fitness center to many more people.

Through the month of May, Energy Gym is giving everybody – even non-members – a chance to try out their classes, in hopes of sparking an interest for those wanting to get moving or burn off a few inches before summer.

Energy Gym: Coastal Point • JESSE PRYOR  Group fitness instructor Lolo Wasserman is organizing the schedule for Les Mills programs.Coastal Point • JESSE PRYOR
Group fitness instructor Lolo Wasserman is organizing the schedule for Les Mills programs.
Group fitness instructor Lolo Wasserman has been busy, getting together the schedule for the Les Mills programs, among some of the most well-known and widely used fitness courses in the country.

“They are great workouts,” she said, “and everybody has fun when they are taking them.”

The classes include four of the eight Les Mills programs: Body Pump for muscle strength and toning; Body Flow, which combines yoga, tai chi and Pilates; Body Attack, a high-energy sports-inspired cardio workout; and RPM, an indoor cycling class set to the rhythm of motivational and upbeat music.

A room was finished off this past season to accommodate the classes, so everything in the room is new.

“It looks great,” said Wasserman, “and it has a really great feeling to it.”

She has been in the fitness industry for quite some time but has really concentrated on it as a job in the past five years, teaching and instructing semi-professionally.

Monthly rates for the classes start at $35, the same as monthly gym memberships, and are only $50 per month for both.

“It’s nice because people have a choice here,” said Wasserman. “They don’t have to pay for classes and the equipment if they don’t want to, but they have the opportunity to see if it’s something they want to try.”

Early registration is recommended, as classes have already started to fill up. Wasserman’s classes began earlier this week, and already they have been seeing dozens of people, both men and women, members and non-members.

“Energy Gym was turning people away because they didn’t offer these classes before,” said Wasserman, “and that’s what a lot of people were looking for. Now, people have the chance to not only take the classes, but try them for free.”

She added that more instructors will be trained and more programs will be added, allowing for more workouts and versatility in classes.

“It’s a great opportunity for me to continue what I love doing, and for people to come out and have fun,” she noted.

Stop by Energy Gym for the complete list and temporary schedule of free classes. By June, once class attendance is more defined, the schedule will enter a fixed rotation. Energy Gym is located along Route 54 in Selbyville, just east of Harris Teeter. For more information, call (302) 436-9001 or visit