Special Bible goes 'green' too

Thirteen young members of Saint Ann’s Youth Organization (SAYO) gathered recently under the direction of their coordinator Dawn Zimmerman and used part of a school holiday to listen to a teaching by Andy Zampini of the Wilmington Dicocese Office of Justice. Zampini talked about the Catholic Church’s seven principles of Social Justice, the seventh having to do with protecting “green justice.”

The seven principles are: “All people are made in God’s image and have dignity; all people have individual rights and responsibilities; all people are called to participate in community life and contribute to the common good; work is an expression of human dignity — all workers have rights; all people have a special duty to the poor; everyone in the world is our sister and brother, and finally, all people are called to protect our planet, living our faith in relationship with God’s planet.”

For those interested in learning more about how faith and caring for the environment go hand in hand, “The Green Bible” is available through HarperCollins Publishers. The Bible, with a cotton and linen cover, is printed on recycled paper and uses soy-based ink to highlight, in green, the more than 1,000 passages that “speak to God’s care for creation,” according to the Web site.

The Bible’s forward is written by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and essays included in it are written by Brian McLaren, Cal DeWitt, Barbara Brown Taylor, Pope John Paul II, Ellen Davis, N.T. Wright, Ellen Bernstein, Matthew Sleeth, James Jones and Gordon Aeschliman.

The New Revised Standard Version has partnered with the Sierra Club, the Humane Society and the Eco-Justice Program.

For more information, visit the Web site at greenletterbible.com.