It’s getting easier going green

To promote more attendance at their meetings, the Fenwick Island Environmental Committee will meet in the evening next month. Their July meeting will be held on July 8 at 7 p.m.

The committee, and the town, is on the forefront of “greening” the coastal area. They meet monthly and have discussed such subjects as the coal fly-ash landfill at the Indian River power plant in Millsboro, distribution and installation of rain barrels, ways to reduce light pollution and how to keep the Inland Bays clean.

Most recently, they have invited speakers to enlighten them on such subjects as drinking water, rain gardens, wind power and native plants. And, in partnership with consultant Chantal Bouchard and the town’s Public Works Department, the committee transformed the new sign at the north end of town into a native plant demonstration garden.

“We do anything we can do,” said Vicki Carmean, member of the committee and the town council.

Most recently, the committee has been identifying areas in town for a demonstration rain garden, to both offer a buffer for the nutrients and pollutants that often go directly into the canals and end up in the Inland Bays and as a way to visually educate the town with an environmentally friendly garden they can see in action.

One area in which the group felt they needed improvement, though, is in attendance at their Wednesday-afternoon meetings, so, for July, the meeting will be held in the evening. All are welcome.

For more information on next’s month Environmental Committee agenda, visit online.