Local author offers holiday tale

“Angel of Mine,” local author Joann Namorato’s second book, tells a much lighter story than that in her first. Namorato’s first book, “The Long Road Home,” was written after her experience working at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. Namorato had worked as a paralegal in New York City before relocating to Selbyville in 2004.

Coastal Point • Jesse Pryor: Local author Joann Namorato with her book ‘Angel of Mine.’Coastal Point • Jesse Pryor
Local author Joann Namorato with her book ‘Angel of Mine.’

“I was so traumatized I wouldn’t speak to my doctors,” she explained of the origins of “The Long Road Home.” “So, they said, ‘If you are not going to talk to us, write down your thoughts’ — that’s how my first book came around.”

Namorato said she always wanted to be a writer and had always written poetry, so it seemed a natural progression to write a book. Namorato describes “Angel of Mine” as “a cute story about a person who always loved Christmas” and a book that aims to restore faith during the Christmas season.

Namorato’s publisher, Our Universe, a subsidiary of Barnes and Noble, had originally planned a Christmas 2008 release, but things got a little backed up. Nevertheless, she is not fazed by the change in timing — Christmas in June it is.

The story is about a girl and her guardian angel, Gabriela, who “has inspired her throughout her life” and aims to bring her “faltering soul to eternal happiness.”
“It’s a cute Christmas story to restore faith, and give hope and peace,” said Namorato.

The book won an Editor’s Choice award through Our Universe, and it available at Amazon.com, as well as Barnes and Noble.